Alone in the dark for so long!
Careful to never show my heart to You or anyone who knew You
I walked down every path of my own making
I turned from the light and from Your awesome love.
My heart was filled with terrible fear-
I saw You and heard You inside my dreams.
I cowered behind the lies I told myself were Truth.
I lived outside of Faith-
I drugged myself into heavy sleep..
I was -blind-deaf-dumb.
I suffered, doubted, questioned, and cried out in Despair!
And then you sent an angel into my life–
You coaxed me from the dark!
You challenged me to sift through the ashes
To piece together the scattered remnants of my Faith
And there, underneath much madness and disarray,
A sparkle, a glint, of next to nothingness,
I saw there was some HOPE!
And now it lives in me, it grows, as do You!
Filling up my heart with joy.
Though there must be many angels in our Father’s Heaven,
Yours gave an unexpected gift to me–
A second chance to walk with You
And footprints on my heart.


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