Earth Water Sky Shadow Fire


Pink Sunset

An esoteric girl sits in melancholy solitaire

Her long, soft, dark hair

Draped dramatically over her shoulder,
Disappearing into her dark sweater
Obscured almost entirely
By the dark shadows of the forest
Its lush green floor, swallowing up her feet.

Behind her, is an explosion,
Of pink,-yellow-purple hues
They blend themselves expertly
Into a flawless portrait of a celestial sky.
These blazing lights from above
Produce infinite, miniscule flames
That dance on the water’s surface.
Meandering endless, wild fire,
Coming to a halting stop

Divided by the dark, ominous forest,
And the definite dark, line of the edge of the earth.
In silhouette she stares,
Her stature frozen;
To hear the sound of silence-
To watch for her dream.

–Stephanie Diane Labbate


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