Shadows on the wa-ha-hALL
Old Skeletons and Dreams…..
They’re Dancing in my brain again
And Beckoning to me……

Shadows on the wa-ha-hALL
Shift like (fog) smoke clouds
Haunting little ghosts again
They speak their truths out loud


Promises and emptiness
That follow me to nigh-hi-height
They echo in my heart again
I’m drowned in neon li-hi-heights

The curtains fall;

But the music doesn’t staaarrrt…

You put your faith in fools

Who were careless with your aaaart

And now there’s no familiar faces in

A brick box full of stray-hayne-gers

This hypnotic vision li-hing-gers

(These hypnotic visions li-hing-ger)…..

Then the voice of the Muse pushes through

It starts a fire deep inside of You

With a message you wished you always knew:

“You can light your shadows
“You can live your dreams
“And despite what alway-haze may seem-
“It’s never too late to be
“What you might have been…”

“And life comes around full circle
“For every stolen chance-
“It’s a (strange) romance
“You can’t hide all your skeletons…
“So you might as well make em’ dance!”

“And if you fix your course to a star”
“Babe you might just catch the mooooooon”
“There’s endless possibilities!!!!!!

“Waiting out there to pursue.”





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