Where’s Your Crown King Nothing?


The narcissist doesn’t want your love. They don’t know what love is. They want your admiration, your obedience, and they want to break you down and control you. They will use gas lighting to manipulate you and test your limits to see how far they can push things – ever aware that they are stealing your very  life from you while they further their own selfish agenda. The game will go on until you begin to question your own sanity. The narcissist is drunk on the perceived power he wields and you silly girl are his supply. You’ll bow and bend, and one day without warning, you will break into a billion pieces. And then, he will find a new supply. Until he sees that you have put your broken pieces back together again… and you have become beautifully broken to someone else whose Love doesn’t call for prerequisites – then he will try to claw his way back in and if you are weak, or unguarded even for the slightest instant, the demon will rule again.







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