Spellerella’s Word of the Day: Unfuckwithable


There is power in leading a private life. People like to ruin things…so what people don’t know about they can’t meddle in nor destroy. We spend an insane amount of time agonizing over and analyzing what other people may or may not be thinking about us. The reality is- they are not thinking about us at all. Read that again.

Anxiety is the worst misuse of our imagination. We overthink our every word and move when we are insecure about ourselves. We care about what others think about us when we do not love ourselves. We fail to set boundaries, out of fear of offending or making our loved ones angry or upset with us, and in doing so, we betray ourselves.

Self-love should be our priority. We should be looking out for #1. Being our own best friend is the best personal investment we can make in our lives. If you can enjoy the solace of your own company, if you can conquer your fear of being alone, you will discover the absolute bliss and freedom of the power to choose who and what you let into your life. The stakes are high- the bar should be even higher. The more you love yourself, the more respect you will receive from those who are in love with you. The Universe mirrors and multiplies what you send out. Love attracts more Love.

Conversely, drama attracts more drama. So if you surround yourself with people who love to seek conflict, you will suffer the negativity and trauma that inevitably follows them throughout their life. If you let these naysayers into your life and into your head, their doubts will cast a shadow over you and you will certainly begin to grow and believe doubts of your own. You would never let assholes live inside your home- why would you let them rent space inside your head?

Practicing loving yourself more than you love others is no easy task. We’ve been brainwashed that self-love is selfish. The truth is loving others above yourself is foolish.  We will all be alone in the end. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. It only makes sense to cultivate a secure relationship with ourselves and to become as comfortable as we possibly can in our own solitude. The expectation that another human being can make us happy or fill the empty void we feel inside of us is a common fallacy. Outside validation or attention will never cure the absence of love and respect for our own selves.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can vehemently say, “I reject your reality, and I substitute my own”.

“Your opinion of me does not impact the opinion I have of myself.”

“If you aren’t useful, beautiful or spark joy in my life – I release you”.

“Your inability to see my worth does not diminish my value”.

Call me eccentric. Call me selfish. Be angry with me and complain that I have changed.

I implore you to push the edges of the envelope. Exit your comfort zone. Be Bold.

Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Un-fuck yourself- and return to your divine perfection before all the crazy makers and drama seekers dimmed your sparkle.