Sad Unicorn Truths

Where do you hide your unicorn when the sun is sparkling and the birds are singing;

When white rabbits dance and merrily prance;

And fill your eyes and fix your ears with future fairytale stories.

Where do you hide your unicorn when the music plays on Down The Street,

Does she fit quietly and neatly in the box on the highest shelf above your best guitars;

Is there any room in there to write her dreams, stomp a hoof, or snort softly in your company?

Where did you put the words and memories that your heart had held so safely;

Were they paper hearts that fluttered away in the wind while you focused on fleeing your Hell hounds and fears?

Do you still smell the faint notes of Chanel Mademoiselle when you close your eyes?

Do you taste the rum on her tongue which swirled devilishly to delight you?

Can you recall the intoxicating spells when your lips kissed her pure white skin from her nose to her tail;

Does your heart beat faster when you recall those nights of violent passion,

When you became enchanted by her innocence and made her yours to keep;

Slamming yourself deeper into her sea of mysteries;

Claiming a prize you knew you were both worth and deserving to know;

Tying her forever to the lure of your mischievous green eyes –

Her name there” inscribed on the flesh of your left arm…

Or so it was to be, forever and always in her every wake and her every dream.

Who was this fabled unicorn — the last of her kind, so taken by you;

She was the jewel of your life; a diamond among the stones of a broken man,

Silent and so loyal, she stayed cloaked in the moonlit shadows…

How do you forget the sweet moments of a unicorn’s love

When the force between you was so strong ,

It can only be properly penned as divine magick?

Who do you imagine will collect a fallen unicorn’s tears,

When the world has gone sideways,

And her story slowly ends

The sparkle of a legendary creature, diminished to a faint glitter

For when the heart of the hero she once roamed in no longer needed her,

She forced her way into the shadows to become little more than a glorified ghost

And when his sky fell down, he was astonished to realize:

It was the unicorn that loved him the most.


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