Everything Will Change


Everything. Will. Change.
It’s after midnight again … and I am awake and tormented. Outside of myself,  I can see the brilliant mask that keeps the jar tightly closed. I would find a place to escape but even in sleep I cannot rest.  I listen to a haunting symphony inside my head … it comes nightly in my dreams… I scribble furiously to record the broken melody … I paint a thousand pictures of all the places I will find myself someday … there is much left to still be desired…but until then, I am your prisoner, to the untruths that keep you from gazing into the mirror… I am the light, that can never find her way inside your heart…to banish the demons that you try to conceal, or marry the skeletons that you prefer to entertain.


Angel On The Moon


God bless the inventor of sleep, the cloak that covers all men’s thoughts, the food that cures all hunger . . . the balancing weight that levels the shepherd with the king and the simple with the wise”.


I have always been drawn to the moon  Living on the water I am fascinated  by the light and darkness of the lunar cycles, and mesmerized by the sound of the waves, as they lull me into deep retrospective speculations under a starry, cloudy. or empty night sky.  The glow of the moon is both ethereal and enigmatic; the surface often casting random shadows upon itself leaving us haunted by the appearance of an unknown face; one which I believe to be the angel inside the moon… for she lights up the world whether she feels full or half empty, or even if she’s barely a sliver of herself  What incredible selflessness to give of your light, no matter how scarce the supply – and even in the blackest darkness, the moon angel does not despair; she remains calm and serene and embraces the darkness until her light is full again. She understands the need for all living things to pause, to rest, to restore their power. Don’t wake me – because I’m dreaming that I am the Angel on the moon…






Chasing Sunsets

She waited… with unwavering faith, clinging to the belief that the story was not yet over.  And she wondered… why she was left to fight this world all on her own.  And she was startled to discover that in the darkness, there was always light… for she could  never possibly know one without the other. The darkness gave her cover- the opportunity to re-invent herself, the time to reflect on truths, and the courage to dare to dream that: somewhere, somehow, there was still some magic ✨ in the mess.