Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious


In Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious, Sexy Brilliant founder Devina Kaur shines a light on a universal truth: it doesn’t matter whether we are single, or with a partner, the reality is we must always Know, Accept, Unveil/Unlearn and Release the darkness, and the patterns we have learned in order to reclaim our own personal power. We cannot expect another person to fill our voids or soothe our loneliness or emptiness. We lose ourselves when we look outside for sources of validation, affection, or compassion. We cannot impose on another person the responsibility for our own self-love and own self-acceptance! We are all still SINGLE as individuals even if we are in a committed relationship.

At the heart of Devina’s message in this life-changing book, she shares her powerful collection of life lessons which led to the deep, inner, self-work of personal healing.  There’s never been a self-help workbook  this before, which gives us the tools to dig deep into the hidden places that we shy away from discovering.  It’s easier to cling to our comfort zone and stay a victim than to claim our divine authentic selves through self-love, but Devina teaches us through radical self-acceptance that outside validation is fleeting; our own validation is infinite!

Thank you Devina Kaur, and The Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution for giving Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ the amazing opportunity to be a contributing editor of your first book in the Sexy Brilliant series!

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