Circle,Circle, Star,⭐️ Star ⭐️✨

Voted in my highschool yearbook as “Most Likely To Start Her Own Religion”, I started to wear a Pentacle when I was just 15 years old. The grand epiphany that I could be a spiritual girl, free to marvel at every rock, tree, seashell, plant and creature on earthly or astral planes, not only liberated me from the confines, labels, and rules of a flawed cult Religion; it gave me a euphoric pride in displaying the ancient, neo-pagan, star-encircled symbol. Now, more than 25 years later, it is evident that the magick of the pentacle is manifested in me in every corner of my life, especially in the place I call “home”.

If there is magick on this planet, it is contained in water.”
-Loren Eiseley
”Water is the driving force of all Nature.”
-Leonardo DaVinci

A Pentacle is one of the most misunderstood symbols of our modern day. The Pentacle is a powerful talisman; an emblem symbolizing our connection to the 5 elements… to Nature…and the universal force that binds and balances all things”.

A Pentacle is …

A five-pointed star with a circle around it.
A sign other Wiccans recognize.
A protection Sigil.
A symbol of the 5 Elements: Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

My father taught me everything I know about nature and how to see magic in every living thing. He made collecting rocks, acorns and seashells a hunt for earthly treasures. We collected maple, poplar, and oak leaves, and went on long walks to pick wildflowers – all of which we would press and delicately preserve between sheets of wax paper to create works of natural art.  His lessons taught me there is life and energy in all things; and that energy while created, can never be destroyed; it simply moves, changes, or transfers to another place or thing.
From as early as two years old, I knew I would live a magical life beside the water. I have always been drawn to the water – perhaps because I am a Sagittarius, the fire sign of the zodiac.
And perhaps it is my close proximity to a deep body of endless, rolling, waves of water that keeps the raging fire of passion and expression within me from blazing over in reckless abandon.
I have also always been drawn to the moon. Living on the water I am fascinated  by the light and darkness of the lunar cycles, and mesmerized by the sound of the waves, as they lull me into deep retrospective speculations under a starry, cloudy. or empty night sky.  The glow of the moon is both ethereal and enigmatic; the surface often casting random shadows upon itself leaving us haunted by the appearance of an unknown face; one which I believe to be the angel inside the moon… for she lights up the world whether she feels full or half empty, or even if she’s barely a sliver of herself.  What incredible selflessness to give of your light, no matter how scarce the supply – and even in the blackest darkness, the moon angel does not despair; she remains calm and serene and embraces the darkness until her light is full again. She understands the need for all living things to pause, to rest, to restore their power. 
I have always felt a deep connection to Nature, and the force which binds all things in the Universe.
I invite you to follow me as I document my spiritual journey living life on the water, mindful of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch of the stars, moon snd sun; the sky wind and waves; the rainstorms and rainbows -come, the magick awaits…


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