The Wandering Fox Emporium 🖤

Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ was thrilled to receive these custom carved crystal unicorns this week from a local metaphysical and crystal shop called The Wandering Fox Emporium. They are absolutely exquisite and we are so excited to add them to the Haven’s growing collection of gorgeous crystals, rocks and gems! Because… who doesn’t need a few unicorns in their collection? Hello. ME.

Kambaba Jasper Carved Unicorn Gemstone
Agate Carved Unicorn Gemstone
Purveyors of unique goods and treasures, The Wandering Fox Emporium is our new favourite Metaphysical shop for crystals, divination tools, and more!

Fast, friendly and unforgettable service, these were a lucky, one of a kind, incredible find. They arrived boxed with great care, well protected and neatly bubble wrapped with a personalized message. They also included a tiny surprise gift of a sample crystal along with it’s name and healing properties printed on a little card. Definitely a WOW experience, and they even offer free delivery throughout some of the local area.

Check out The Wandering Fox Emporium!

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