The Power of Awe ⭐️✨

Awe” has been a part of my daily life on earth since I was old enough to realize that I “see” and “feel” the world around me more deeply than most others …and this has been the defining trait of why I consider myself a geomantic empath. As a writer, “awe” and the ability to create “visual awe“ through the art of arranging words is paramount to my craft. Seek for the awe in each moment; in every experience, and be mindful of the magick that manifests within. 👑✨” – Spellerella.

THE POWER OF AWE – by Anne Helmstadter

I came across an article in Inc. Magazine recently that caught my attention.

“New Study: A 15 Minute “Awe Walk” Kills Stress and Loneliness and Boosts Happiness.”

The study sent two groups of people on 15 minute daily walks, telling one group to take a regular walk, and telling the other group to look for “awe.” The researchers also asked the participants to take selfies on their walks.

The researchers suggested to the participants in the “awe walk” group that “simply taking the time to notice everyday beauty, from the play of light on a drop of rain to the subtle colors of fall foliage, could produce the feeling [of awe].”

In other words, participants didn’t need to go to The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or the Himalayas to experience awe.

Not surprisingly, the “awe walk” group felt less stressed over time, more social, and experienced more positive emotions. Interestingly, they also took selfies in which the landscape took up more space than they did suggesting the “awe walks” helped them gain a better perspective on themselves as part of a vast, awesome universe.


This is indeed powerful stuff.

Powerful stuff that writers already do and know.

Writers look for the “awe feeling” every day. That’s how they write. That’s how they come up with gorgeous descriptions of a dead flower in a rusty pot, or dirty dishes piled in a sink, or the crumpled feeling of grief.

Writers already know there’s awe everywhere.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the details of the world around you recently, this is a reminder.

Thank you to Anne, for sharing this important reminder about the importance of remaining mindful —at Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ we couldn’t agree more.

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