This Valentine’s Day…♥️:

I’ve long been a lover of rocks, crystals, glass, and seashells.
Any treasure from the earth has a solid place inside my heart. I am an expert at collecting beautiful pieces of crystals, rocks and gems and as an empath, it is no surprise that I am naturally drawn to earth energy from stones, rocks and crystals.

My collection has been steadily growing; it fills the walls of my library with such soothing, calm energy. It is only natural that I have gone on a bit of a spree lately with some new and exciting crystal purchases from my favourite local online metaphysical shop: The Wandering Fox Emporium.

Check out a few of my new additions to the Haven’s collection as they wait to charge in today’s sunlight! ☀️

Can you spot the two unicorns?! 🦄✨ Please Note: (*Hamsa dish and Seashells were purchased separately from Sea Jewels, a separate shop favourite of Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨).

Special thanks to owner, Juliana Angelina my “personal crystal shopper” – she’s a purveyor of wonder with an excellent eye for quality and unique pieces! ⭐️✨

Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ can’t wait to showcase the next box of beauties when they arrive!
Did you see something you love? Shop now at:

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