It’s coming! The second in our word lamp series… Introducing … B E L I E V E .

The colours of the wildflowers 🌸 with the seashells are an exquisite collage of earthy and elemental beauty. 🌊

Lessons learned during this production:

1. Epoxy resin and catalyst mix and heat react quickly; move faster and more carefully…💀✨

2. Mistakes on the second try are OK! and creating a magickal lamp is worth getting fingertips stuck to resin… 🌸 (rubbing alcohol is a magick miracle)…

3. I’m an artist and my life is my art! ♥️

I can’t wait to start making more words light up with natural beauty – and the time spent crafting this lovely piece was such a needed gift to myself; it was a permission to create, dream, and make mistakes with reckless abandon!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

spellerellashaven 👑✨

Watch our Facebook page for the final unveil as we remove this “word of art” from the mold and light up its magick!

Watch our shop for new items as Spellerella adds her favourite tools of the craft! 🧜‍♀️⭐️✨

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The Healing Power of Crystals🔮 ✨

In my Crystallomania post, I talk about my obsession with rocks, gems, and crystals …

At a very early age, I had a fascination with rocks, crystals and gemstones. I even studied Geology in university because I was so fascinated with my love for rocks and the earth. Recently, my rock library has grown considerably, thanks to endless hours of working from home and needing distraction and calm energy in my space… and while I am thrilled with all of my newest treasures, I was amused to discover that the explanation behind my life long affinity for rocks, crystals and gems might just be more powerful than I realized; I am in fact addicted to their beauty, presence, positive vibrations and healing energy! “♥️

Since the arrival of so many new crystals to the Haven’s library, we wanted to share this before photo of some of Spellerella’s cluttered collection before we re-organize it with all the newly acquired beauties into their new space! And if you’re wondering about the watchful and mysterious eyes of The Mona Lisa, yes- that is an exact copy of the real work purchased directly from The Louvre, during Spellerella’s visit to Paris, France 🇫🇷!

This gorgeous dark purple Amethyst egg gifted to me is one of my favourite crystals; it is often used as the Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, the Inventor’s, Poet’s and Painter’s Stones- which makes it my ideal gem as a creative writer and a dreamer”. 👑✨- Spellerella.

Stay tuned as we showcase some of the new additions to our collection – and we will be sure to post a photo update of the Haven’s growing collection of gorgeous rocks, gems and crystals! Until then, if you find yourself drawn to crystals and mesmerized by their awesome energy just remember:

It’s not hoarding if it’s crystals; it’s raising your energy.”


#spellerellashaven 🔮✨

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Spellerella’s Super Blood Flower Moon 🌸🌕✨Affirmations

I honour the expansive transformation of my heart..♥️

I continue the work to make peace with my past…♥️

I embrace/seek to understand my shadow self …♥️

I am a work of art… ♥️

I summon the courage and determination to move forward towards my creative dreams… ♥️

I am allowed to say “NO” to others and “YES” to myself… ♥️

I choose to take steps that align me with my Highest self…♥️

I am clearing away old energy that no longer serves me and making room for the greatest good …♥️

I reject your reality—- and I use my actions, grace, magick and power to substitute my own. ♥️

-Spellerella 🧜‍♀️✨

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Love Is The Way ♥️

We love love loved “Living Under Glass” from Downie Street Collective, a local band based in Stratford, ON.. if you haven’t heard be the first to hear about them here:

“Love is the Way”, their latest single, is available now!

You can check it out on your favourite streaming platforms here:

When you’re ready to purchase your own copy, head on over here:

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spellerellashaven 🦄✨

The Super Blood Flower Moon 🌸🌕

Lovers of the stars ⭐️ moon 🌙 earth 🌎 sky 🌌 and sun ☀️: BEHOLD, it is almost here!!

The Super Blood Flower Moon total lunar eclipse!!!

In the wee hours between late this Tuesday night and the early dawn of Wednesday May 26th we will be blessed with an astrological event that we won’t see again for a decade: The “Super Blood Flower Moon” total lunar eclipse!!! 🌸🌕🌖🌗🌑

A supermoon will be up in the sky throughout the night from Tuesday into Wednesday this week, but early in the morning on Wednesday May 26, 2021, we’ll see something extremely special…
The Sun ☀️ , The Earth 🌎, and Moon 🌕 will line up perfectly to produce a total lunar eclipse — the Super Blood Flower Moon!!! 🌸🌕

Very similar to 2019’s Super Blood Wolf Moon, this is a supermoon, meaning that the Full Moon is occurring when the Moon is at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. It’s a ‘blood moon’ because the Moon turns red during the eclipse. The only difference for the name is that the Wolf Moon is January’s Full Moon. May’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Flower Moon. 🌸🌕.

Check out the prelude here with Spellerella as she captures this evening’s moon rise straight from the waters of the Haven! 🧜‍♀️✨
What serene and calming beauty ♥️ and amazing energy tonight …


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