The Super Blood Flower Moon 🌸🌕

Lovers of the stars ⭐️ moon 🌙 earth 🌎 sky 🌌 and sun ☀️: BEHOLD, it is almost here!!

The Super Blood Flower Moon total lunar eclipse!!!

In the wee hours between late this Tuesday night and the early dawn of Wednesday May 26th we will be blessed with an astrological event that we won’t see again for a decade: The “Super Blood Flower Moon” total lunar eclipse!!! 🌸🌕🌖🌗🌑

A supermoon will be up in the sky throughout the night from Tuesday into Wednesday this week, but early in the morning on Wednesday May 26, 2021, we’ll see something extremely special…
The Sun ☀️ , The Earth 🌎, and Moon 🌕 will line up perfectly to produce a total lunar eclipse — the Super Blood Flower Moon!!! 🌸🌕

Very similar to 2019’s Super Blood Wolf Moon, this is a supermoon, meaning that the Full Moon is occurring when the Moon is at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. It’s a ‘blood moon’ because the Moon turns red during the eclipse. The only difference for the name is that the Wolf Moon is January’s Full Moon. May’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Flower Moon. 🌸🌕.

Check out the prelude here with Spellerella as she captures this evening’s moon rise straight from the waters of the Haven! 🧜‍♀️✨
What serene and calming beauty ♥️ and amazing energy tonight …


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