It’s coming! The second in our word lamp series… Introducing … B E L I E V E .

The colours of the wildflowers 🌸 with the seashells are an exquisite collage of earthy and elemental beauty. 🌊

Lessons learned during this production:

1. Epoxy resin and catalyst mix and heat react quickly; move faster and more carefully…💀✨

2. Mistakes on the second try are OK! and creating a magickal lamp is worth getting fingertips stuck to resin… 🌸 (rubbing alcohol is a magick miracle)…

3. I’m an artist and my life is my art! ♥️

I can’t wait to start making more words light up with natural beauty – and the time spent crafting this lovely piece was such a needed gift to myself; it was a permission to create, dream, and make mistakes with reckless abandon!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

spellerellashaven 👑✨

Watch our Facebook page for the final unveil as we remove this “word of art” from the mold and light up its magick!

Watch our shop for new items as Spellerella adds her favourite tools of the craft! 🧜‍♀️⭐️✨

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