Demons In The Night

It’s after midnight again.. and I am awake and tormented…

Outside of myself, I can see the brilliant mask that keeps the jar tightly closed.
I would find a place in which to escape, but even in sleep I cannot rest.

I listen to a haunting symphony inside my head… it comes nightly in my dreams
I scribble furiously to record the broken melody…
I paint a hundred pictures of all the places I will find myself someday.
There is much left to still be desired:
I would fly free but you have clipped the very wings that carry me
I would know light, but you have drugged me back into the very sleep I fear
I would seek answers, but you keep me prisoner to untruths that soothe you
I would have love, but I am bound to oaths so far unbroken
I would have words to console me ..
But pretty words do little to remedy a bleeding heart…
And these dreams linger on… they call me to brighter days…
It’s time to make my way outside all these failed trys…
How about now?