Happy Earth Day 🌏 Everyone ♥️

Earth Day 2021: Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ is celebrating that we are alive and breathing on our favourite planet: Earth.

Keep close to Nature’s heart and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean“John Muir

What can you do to show some love to the Earth?

  1. Plant something! Trees, flowers, a vegetable garden…or maybe consider letting a section of your property go wild to meadows. Trees provide oxygen and cool down the planet. Plants and flowers attract and provide food for our beloved bees. Growing your own vegetables can be a rewarding way to save money and reduce trips to the grocery store while giving you a good workout and connecting you to the earth. *(We are planting lavender🍃, strawberries 🍓 sunflowers 🌻 and butterfly 🦋 bushes this year at the Haven!)
  2. Give up single use plastics like grocery bags, water bottles, straws and utensils.
  3. Start composting your food waste. It’s easy, inexpensive, reduces the amount of garbage in your trash, and will provide excellent nutrient rich fertilizer for your new garden! Here’s a tip: we take our used coffee grinds every morning and spread them on the soil of our rose 🌹garden! Coffee grounds have a high nitrogen content, along with a few other nutrients plants can use. In compost, they help create organic matter that improves the ability of soil to hold water. 

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22 annually to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth” which focuses on natural processes and emerging green technologies that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Garden 🌿 Enchantments! LIVE Moon and Earth Goddess 🌙 ✨ Unboxing

Goddess Selene & Gaia unboxing by Spellerella 👑

About Garden Enchantments:

Ultha, owner of Garden Enchantments has two shops born out of love for enchanting, magical and spiritual items. More of her creations such as Fairy Garden sets, Moon gazing hares, Goddess statues, Magical Tools and other whimsical statues can be seen here on Etsy:



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Thank you for supporting creative artists and entrepreneurs. ♥️

Bonzai Gifts By Pet Nanny

Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ proudly supports creative artists and entrepreneurs! We recently discovered these unique and adorable handmade items from Bonzai Gifts – made by none other than our favourite and trusted local Pet Nanny!

Are you trying to find a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one? When was the last time you spoiled your furry little baby? or furry babies! 🐾 ♥️

Bonzai Gifts has lots of cute and functional gifts for you and your pets. We even treated ourself to a pretty printed zipper pouch that will be perfect to stash phone, keys, and other essentials in when we are on the go! 👑✨

Did I mention Free Delivery?
Free Shipping on Etsy too and be sure to check out Instagram and Follow Bonzai Gifts and The Local Maker for up to date news on all of Pet Nanny’s new items!

You can even contact Pet Nanny directly like we did and ask for personal shopping assistance to get the right prints, sizes and colours to match the personality of your beloved pet!

See Spellerella‘s own Shopping 🛍 spree picks below 🙂✨which will arrive soon:

We can’t wait to get our hands on these adorable custom made gifts for Ziggy! (Shown here from top left to right: Grogu print bow tie with matching poop bag dispenser, rose gold zipper embellished pouch in a whimsical whale print, blue frenchie print bandana and white flannel Grogu print bandana! WOW! ⭐️✨

Check out these other unique items too!
Pet collars, catnip toys, plush dog bones, tea towels, totes, accessories … and more!

You can buy these amazing gifts in store at @thelocalmaker in Kingsville!

Or visit Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BonzaiGiftsPetNanny

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Happy Easter 🐣✨ Everyone 🌿🌷🌿🌷

Photo credit: Becks Phillips

Did you know that Easter traditions are rooted in paganism and other ancient traditions?

The word “Easter” actually derives from the name Eostre—a pagan goddess celebrated at the beginning of spring with feasts.

The bunny’s association with Easter actually comes from two traditions. First, it was one of the goddess Eostre’s symbols. She represented fertility— and bunnies have a reputation for their unmatched ability to create new life. The second tradition is a German one. In the old country, the Osterhase, or Easter hare, brought eggs to good children. The folklore held up through the 1700s, when many Germans immigrated to the United States, bringing their Easter bunny with them.

Easter is considered a moveable feast because the exact date changes from year to year. It typically falls on the Sunday after the Paschal Moon, which is the first full moon in April. This is also known as a Pink Moon. Pagan holidays are all based on moon cycles as well.

In the celebration of Eostre, Pagans were said to eat eggs as well as bury them in the ground to encourage fertility… Eggs in general have always represented new life and rebirth—and pagans throughout the centuries have used them as symbols for such in rituals and celebrations. Pagans would also hang eggs in temples for springtime ceremonies.

Credit: Jennifer Billock, “14 Easter Traditions That Are More Pagan Than Christian”.

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Spellerella’s “Official Bird” of the Haven Looks Like A Fairytale 👑✨

A photographer captured these enchanting photos of a Charcoal of Sophie: a bird that looks like a fairytale!! So, we immediately made her the official Bird of Spellerella’s Haven! 👑✨

There are millions of species in the world that we do not know yet. Every day it even seems that some that were believed extinct reappear. Nature will not stop surprising us. An example of some species that we do not know, is this little called Carbonito de Sophie, a bird with an amazing multicolored plumage. It can only be seen in some boreal forests in Asia. Its scientific name is Leptopoecile sophiae and it lives in China, India, Russia and the boreal forests. Its plumage is what is striking about this little one , as it seems that it has a blue coat with violet tones, a pink belly and a white or gray eyebrow.
The males of this species alone that have the most striking colors. This bird weighs between 6 and 8 grams and measures no more than 10 cm. They usually live in pairs only in the breeding season and after that they can be seen in flocks of up to 25 birds. Their diet is based on insects, spiders, berries and seeds.
This species is not in danger of extinction due to its intelligence when building nests, which are not so easily seen due to their natural camouflage and there are no such large predators for this species. Story & photos credit: https://m.pawsplanet.me/1178/ Like, Share and Follow Us! for more magick and truths! 👑✨ #spellerellashaven

Who was St. Patrick? ☘️ ☘️☘️

Happy and safe! St. Patrick’s Day from Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨. We thought we would illuminate the story behind St. Patrick and share the facts behind this celebrated saint! 🍻

Behind the myth

The story of St Patrick has captivated the world. As a boy, he was captured from either Wales or Scotland and sent to Slemish Mountain in County Antrim as a slave. He tended sheep on this quiet mountainside before escaping home, where he had a vision telling him to return to Ireland and spread the message of Christianity.

Saul Church, Downpatrick, County Down

Patrick left his mark on the island of Ireland, from the iconic Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary to the breathtaking peak of County Mayo’s Croagh Patrick, a site of pilgrimage for many. But it’s in the counties of Armagh and Down in Northern Ireland where his legacy is strongest: at tiny Saul Church, built on the site of Patrick’s first church in Ireland, in the city of Armagh where two cathedrals are dedicated to him, and in Down Cathedral, where he was finally laid to rest. 

5 St Patrick facts:

#1. Why March 17? The date marks the saint’s death. Patrick died in 461 in Saul, County Down. He is buried in the grounds of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, County Down.

#2. When was the first parade? The first St Patrick’s Day parade actually took place in Boston in the United States in 1737. Ireland’s first parade was held in Waterford in 1903.

#3. Was St Patrick Irish? No, he wasn’t born here. St Patrick was thought to have originally come from either Wales or Scotland.

#4 Why do people wear green? Green is a colour now synonymous with St Patrick’s Day and Irish pride but until the 19th century, the colour associated with St Patrick was actually blue!

#5. Why is St Patrick associated with shamrocks?According to legend, St Patrick used the shamrock as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when he first introduced Christianity to Ireland.

(Story Credit: http://www.ireland.com)

Word Lamps ⭐️✨

NEW ⭐️✨ Coming Soon to Spellerella’s Shop: 🧜‍♀️✨ Word Lamps! A unique, magical addition to any creative space, our Word Lamps are made from only natural, earth items found in nature.
What do you think of this enchanting LOVE piece which was put together with real, pressed wildflowers, seashells and forest petals? 🌿 Leave us a comment below.
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