Big Buddha




Deep in the lush, green, mountains of Hong Kong, there is a sacred place; obscured from the crowded masses of human ants that overwhelm the city streets. It’s a sky, sea, and mountain journey, but I braved the insanely, treacherous cable car, hundreds of feet into the eerie mists of Lantau Island- and I made the pilgrimage to Tian Tan to see  Big Buddha. I climbed the endless, 260 stone steps into the sky until I found myself at the top, out of breath and sucking in the thick fragrance of burning incense, awe-struck and anxious to seek the truth, and enlightenment that were promised to me should I choose to “buy myself” some Buddha blessings.

It’s no secret that I’ve been separated from what most would call God…voted in the high school year book as, “Most Likely To Start Her Own Religion, I’ve chosen an undying devotion to the oldest religion, the ways of the Strega, the path of the Druids, the old ways before the man made Gods were fashioned. The only true power, the energy that is found present in all things, “the Force”. Some will understand; and those that don’t, resist and fear the light and the dark in life. One cannot know anything without knowing them both, which is why the balance of Yin and Yang still remains an ongoing struggle for all. But it is the ever constant battle between the two which keeps the ebb and flow of all Life. And it is fear of the dark that prevents us from moving forward, but it is only in the darkest times that we can recognize the light…

The ancient feel of Po Lin Monastery enchanted me with it’s shadows and secrets and indeed there was an unmistakeable presence beckoning to me that I could not quite explain, so I did what any lost unicorn would do while wandering whada *(that’s arabic, for “alone”)…I traded my coins for 3 wishes; and although I must not disclose any of them, I can tell you with a mixture of shock and disbelief that this is what has happened…so far:

1. An evil demon was vanquished, and abruptly removed from my life -Alhamdulellah.

2. A Panda followed me home from China… 🙂 x o x x

3. What I thought was lost to me forever, was only hidden -waiting to be found again.

There is a Chinese proverb which says that if the great Buddha answers your wish, you must return to him to Thank him… Wallahy, hader.

The Force in this universe brings the people, places and things into our lives for a reason. I wish I will be a gift again in the life of someone who desperately needs me, truly wants me, and will never deceive me.

To Be Continued….

-Dragon Phoenix Fish Mountain Heart Love Turtle

(*YA, that is the authentic translation of my name STEPHANIE in Chinese. )



A note in Arabic


Ayza bitkallim arabi. Ayza bitkallim arabi awy.

Ana mesh Masreyya lakin ana baheb Masr kiteer.

Ya habibi ayza bitkallim arabi, alashaan wahashteeny geddan geddan.

Ana bitallim arabi shweyya w ayza bitkallim arabi kol yom maak.

Ya omri, ya malaky wahashteeny. Kol yom hatewashteeny aktar.

Wahashteeny awy kiteer alashaan ana bahebak moot.

Enta malik, w ayza meratak w bahebak lelabad.

Wallahy, ayza bitkallim arabi. Ayza bitkallim arabi dilwaaty!

Ayza bitkallim arabi elnahardah;

Ayza bitkallim arabi bokrah;

Inshallah, ana bitkallim arabi fi albi ala tool.