A Messenger At The Haven’s Window ♥️

Yesterday, I was both startled and delighted to find this beautiful visitor watching me through the window. I slowly stepped closer to him, expecting him to flutter away, but he stayed still like a little statue as he watched me move closer to the glass. His fluffed feathers smoothed instantly as soon as he saw me, and he all but posed for these snaps!

A lone mourning dove. Watching me. At the window.
I felt connected to him instantly.

A little voice inside my head whispered:

A dove in your path is not by coincidence. Your awareness of its presence, calmness and beauty is also a gift. You were meant to see this dove to remind you to focus on the present; the peace you have in your heart; and the power that is always present all around you, and in your life.”

Some believe the mourning dove is a messenger sent by angels, spirit guides, or even God…of a loved one we lost who is watching over us…

What do you believe?

Happy Earth Day 🌏 Everyone ♥️

Earth Day 2021: Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ is celebrating that we are alive and breathing on our favourite planet: Earth.

Keep close to Nature’s heart and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean“John Muir

What can you do to show some love to the Earth?

  1. Plant something! Trees, flowers, a vegetable garden…or maybe consider letting a section of your property go wild to meadows. Trees provide oxygen and cool down the planet. Plants and flowers attract and provide food for our beloved bees. Growing your own vegetables can be a rewarding way to save money and reduce trips to the grocery store while giving you a good workout and connecting you to the earth. *(We are planting lavender🍃, strawberries 🍓 sunflowers 🌻 and butterfly 🦋 bushes this year at the Haven!)
  2. Give up single use plastics like grocery bags, water bottles, straws and utensils.
  3. Start composting your food waste. It’s easy, inexpensive, reduces the amount of garbage in your trash, and will provide excellent nutrient rich fertilizer for your new garden! Here’s a tip: we take our used coffee grinds every morning and spread them on the soil of our rose 🌹garden! Coffee grounds have a high nitrogen content, along with a few other nutrients plants can use. In compost, they help create organic matter that improves the ability of soil to hold water. 

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22 annually to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth” which focuses on natural processes and emerging green technologies that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Garden 🌿 Enchantments! LIVE Moon and Earth Goddess 🌙 ✨ Unboxing

Goddess Selene & Gaia unboxing by Spellerella 👑

About Garden Enchantments:

Ultha, owner of Garden Enchantments has two shops born out of love for enchanting, magical and spiritual items. More of her creations such as Fairy Garden sets, Moon gazing hares, Goddess statues, Magical Tools and other whimsical statues can be seen here on Etsy:



Please tell her you found her at Spellerella’s Haven when you place your order! 👑✨

Thank you for supporting creative artists and entrepreneurs. ♥️

Bonzai Gifts By Pet Nanny

Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ proudly supports creative artists and entrepreneurs! We recently discovered these unique and adorable handmade items from Bonzai Gifts – made by none other than our favourite and trusted local Pet Nanny!

Are you trying to find a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one? When was the last time you spoiled your furry little baby? or furry babies! 🐾 ♥️

Bonzai Gifts has lots of cute and functional gifts for you and your pets. We even treated ourself to a pretty printed zipper pouch that will be perfect to stash phone, keys, and other essentials in when we are on the go! 👑✨

Did I mention Free Delivery?
Free Shipping on Etsy too and be sure to check out Instagram and Follow Bonzai Gifts and The Local Maker for up to date news on all of Pet Nanny’s new items!

You can even contact Pet Nanny directly like we did and ask for personal shopping assistance to get the right prints, sizes and colours to match the personality of your beloved pet!

See Spellerella‘s own Shopping 🛍 spree picks below 🙂✨which will arrive soon:

We can’t wait to get our hands on these adorable custom made gifts for Ziggy! (Shown here from top left to right: Grogu print bow tie with matching poop bag dispenser, rose gold zipper embellished pouch in a whimsical whale print, blue frenchie print bandana and white flannel Grogu print bandana! WOW! ⭐️✨

Check out these other unique items too!
Pet collars, catnip toys, plush dog bones, tea towels, totes, accessories … and more!

You can buy these amazing gifts in store at @thelocalmaker in Kingsville!

Or visit Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BonzaiGiftsPetNanny

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A Writer-Beautiful Dreamer-Dancing Intellectual-Creative Entrepreneur’s esoteric lifestyle blog about daring to dream, remaining spiritually authentic, and living a magickal life on the water surrounded by nature, the elements, the stars, sunrises and moon sets.

Salutations everyone!
I studied The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron for a semester in university and through artist dates and morning pages I rediscovered my authentic self as a creative writer. I’ve created an esoteric lifestyle blog through photos and posts that capture camera stills and videos of living on the water, surrounded by nature and the elements.

It started as a creative escape; my little place of forgetting; and I named it Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ to celebrate my love for words, and the awesome beauty of nature. Now it has evolved into so much more than that and has become a fantastic way to put my writing skills to good use.

It took many years but I’m finally building a community for other creative writers, artists, self published authors and even supporting creative entrepreneurs by writing reviews about their work, their shops, and services.

It’s opened up a world of opportunity for me as I connect with others who share my love for words. I even started my own online shop selling a few of my favourite tools for immersing myself in the creative process!

Julia Cameron’s book is responsible for giving me back my true passion which I had buried under years of ignoring my own dreams and aspirations to travel the path that was expected of me but not chosen by me. Living a full semester of The Artist’s Way has reignited the undeniable truth that I am and forever will be first and foremost a Dancing Intellectual 👑✨ and a creative entrepreneur.

Love and Light,