Raindrop Reverie

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Raindrop Reverie

The melodic drumming of the pelting raindrops
Filled my ears with their incessant chatter
Their splattered patterns forming only for an instant;
The efficient wipers smeared them into unrecognizable streaks.
Their diversity was symbolic to me—
Setting me in reflection of different moments in my life
The large fat laughing ones
Were the paths I did not follow
Which looking back now,
Perhaps I should have?


Winds of Change

Winter's Kiss

Midnight; and the daisies swoon at a zephyr’s hand;
My lover smiles to where I stand
With one hand raised to the sky
He pulls a star down from the Heavens
And he hands it to my heart to freely wish upon
Sadly I realize that all the wishes in the world
Could not compare to the fire he has already given me.


The Universal Mystery



He who knows the answers
Speak to me I pray you
Of those vast, dark expanses
Which blanket shut our skies of blue.
Speak of those uncut diamonds
Whose fired brilliance our vision cut
To pierce and play upon our eyes
And the curiousity of our continuance.

I pray you, do speak of those mysteries
Over which many men in blatant ignorance
Have tried to be the authority—
Their speculative concoctions nourishment for fool’s fancies.
When and how you deliver your wonders
My ears shall be the recipients of priceless answers.




My fingers touch the ivory keys
And by their intelligence
I discover my angel wings—
Taking flight
Ascending beyond a translucent world
Where endless tears have raped my eyes
I no longer stand naked
The melancholy masters have cloaked me
Bestowed sight upon my blind ears
Granting me the miracle to make music of my own.

*Dolce—(vb. Italian. “Softly, sweetly.”)





Shadows on the wa-ha-hALL
Old Skeletons and Dreams…..
They’re Dancing in my brain again
And Beckoning to me……

Shadows on the wa-ha-hALL
Shift like (fog) smoke clouds
Haunting little ghosts again
They speak their truths out loud


Promises and emptiness
That follow me to nigh-hi-height
They echo in my heart again
I’m drowned in neon li-hi-heights

The curtains fall;

But the music doesn’t staaarrrt…

You put your faith in fools

Who were careless with your aaaart

And now there’s no familiar faces in

A brick box full of stray-hayne-gers

This hypnotic vision li-hing-gers

(These hypnotic visions li-hing-ger)…..

Then the voice of the Muse pushes through

It starts a fire deep inside of You

With a message you wished you always knew:

“You can light your shadows
“You can live your dreams
“And despite what alway-haze may seem-
“It’s never too late to be
“What you might have been…”

“And life comes around full circle
“For every stolen chance-
“It’s a (strange) romance
“You can’t hide all your skeletons…
“So you might as well make em’ dance!”

“And if you fix your course to a star”
“Babe you might just catch the mooooooon”
“There’s endless possibilities!!!!!!

“Waiting out there to pursue.”





Winter’s Kiss

winters kiss

A winter kiss ain’t going to save you or save me

Too late to carry all the damage you gave me

After the snowflakes and tears disappear…

There’s nothing here.

I bet you’re thinking we can face this together

You know we’ve conquered all the worse kinds of weather

We’ve skated over panic and fear…

We’ll make it out of here.

But Winter kisses at your window can’t cross the bridge you burned

And You’ll never learn

That Words are like nails – and you caaan’t

Float to shore inside a sinking heart….

A winter kiss just ain’t enough for me baby…

You borrowed trouble-

Now you’re driving me crazy..

Save your sorrys and your dramatic play

Tomorrow’s coming TODAY.

Coz Winter Kisses at your window can’t cross the bridge you burned

And you never learned,

That words are like fire and you caaan’t

Find shelter in a burning heart.

And you can’t fill the holes inside me fast enough

And the damage that you dealt us is too dangerous

I’ve fallen down over you for the 1000th time

So baaabyyyyyy cryyyyyyy all niiiiiiiiiiiiight !

Yeah Winter Kisses at your window can’t cross the bridge you burned,

And you still haven’t learned,

That words can draw blood and you caaan’t

Build a future on a bleeding heart.

So baaaabyyyyy looooooose your sooooouuuul !

………….. in this last Winter’s kiss.

Your Winter Kisses at my window can’t cross the bridge you burned,

And you will NEVER learn

That words are like ice and you can’t

Stand safe on a broken heart.

Winter Kisses disappear– and we won’t be here……..