Spellerella’s Super Blood Flower Moon 🌸🌕✨Affirmations

I honour the expansive transformation of my heart..♥️

I continue the work to make peace with my past…♥️

I embrace/seek to understand my shadow self …♥️

I am a work of art… ♥️

I summon the courage and determination to move forward towards my creative dreams… ♥️

I am allowed to say “NO” to others and “YES” to myself… ♥️

I choose to take steps that align me with my Highest self…♥️

I am clearing away old energy that no longer serves me and making room for the greatest good …♥️

I reject your reality—- and I use my actions, grace, magick and power to substitute my own. ♥️

-Spellerella 🧜‍♀️✨

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