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Recently we had a unique and exciting experience when we made the chance acquaintance of Sarah Jane, from the UK, who offers same day Career/Life Purpose, Love, and Past Life readings on Etsy.

At Spellerella’s Haven 👑✨ we support other creative artists and spiritual entrepreneurs, so when Sarah offered us a reading of our choice at a discounted price, we were intrigued and eager to hear what her cards had to say!

We chose the Career/Life Purpose reading – and asked a burning question about the direction we are headed with our Dreams.

The result? A clear and shockingly accurate message about what we are currently pursuing with our passion – as well as some direction and clarity on what we should focus our attention to in order for us to succeed. 🧜‍♀️✨

Sarah Jane is delightful to listen to – her response time is excellent. After our purchase, she sent us our cards and a video file of her reading and explaining our cards which we were then able to download and save.

Here is our personal Career/Life Purpose Reading:

(The first 3 cards are Angel cards and the last 4 cards are Tarot and they answer our question and show a potential outcome with the final card.)

Hint: Look closely at this reading and you will notice 2 very telling cards!! Writing 👑! and Author! 👑✨-
Spellerella’s 🧜‍♀️✨passions were clearly identified.

This was a fun and meaningful experience for us.
There was so much truth in the cards that appeared – it gave us a lot to reflect upon afterwards and gave us a renewed sense of purpose.

We recommend checking out Sarah Jane and the unique Readings she offers by visiting her shop on Etsy at:


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